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    This survival title is worth having a look at Base Building, Hunting, Crafting, Dynamic Weather, Wild Life, Vehicles & much more.

    $26 on STEAM click here
    Entrada Interactive Youtube Channel

    Miscreated is an online, open world, post-apocalyptic, sandbox survival game built on CryEngine. After the events of nuclear fallout humanity attempts to hang on of what remains in this unforgiving world, take control in this online experience to survive and be-friend others or choose to stand on your own. Stay alive from mutants that roam the land and other players in this unbelievably beautiful apocalypse reclaimed by nature.
    Note: Miscreated is currently in early alpha stages so some features are still being developed and added. This is not a finial representation of the full game.

    Finial World size to be 64km2

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