Wargrounds History

2005 – 2017

Wargrounds was originally formed in June 2005 by Clan Leader wG|deVilspaWn. We have seen many changes within the gaming community with a clan history spanning 12 years. Wargrounds has managed several competitive squads in Vanilla CoD, CoD:UO, CoD2, CoD4, CoD:w@w, Black Ops, BF2, Bad Company 2, BF3 and Dota 2.

Wargrounds developed our first competitive squad in Call of Duty United Offensive and during Season #4 in the GameArena UO Ladder Competition Alpha Squad achieved 1st place and finished the season ranked #3rd. Delta Squad was ranked 1st place in the GameArena CoD4 SnD Ladder. At the start of 2011, wG|Easy Squad held 1st place in the Call of Duty: World @ War Cybergamers 5v5 CTF Ladder.

Wargrounds has watched the development of many gaming characters, clans and squads throughout the years, which has helped us to define our clan, those we respect, and the unique qualities that we endeavour to uphold. Those that remain have continued to uphold the Wargrounds Philosophy ~ respect our brothers, respect ourselves, and to play the game with integrity and honour.

We feel privileged to share our time online with an amazing close knit group of friends. Throughout the years we have seen many players develop their elite gaming skills and have enjoyed the professionalism of competing with our elite squads. Today we simply enjoy many hours of down time gaming socially with close mates.

wG|Admin Team